Sing your song

Mary poked at the buttons one after the other.



Not right.


She barely gave the sounds a fair measure before judging and moving on.

No. No. No.

It was simple. This day didn’t work out. A litany things, some in succession, some in globs came at her and her efforts to resolve them or at least bat them away were futile. In some cases, she might have even taken steps to ensure the rest of the week would follow suit. A week in the toilet. Great.


No. No. No.

A scream sat in the back of her throat longing for release and ready to carry her frustrations out into the world sending a clear message that today was not the day to mess with her. But she held it back. Instead, she wanted a song.

She found little solace in aimless screaming and ranting, but a song…the right song could bring the catharsis she longed for. Sadly, every channel in the universe and beyond seemed to be addressing someone else’s emotional needs leaving her flat.

The futility stirred with the frustration and she punched the power button leaving her in a soft silence. She sat for a moment, breathing harder than she wanted, and hating the radio more than she should. Then she closed her eyes. She took a deep breath and began to sing her own song.

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