No matter how you slice it, I’m a storyteller.

I use every tool at my disposal to tell the right story the right way. I put words, visuals, and sounds together in a way that shares information, educates, elicits emotion, and inspires action.

My writing samples are sprinkled throughout this site and the various pieces I’ve shared, but if you are looking for more…

Now, let’s talk graphics, design, photography, and other visuals. I’ve been creating visual stories and story elements for 20 years. That runs the gamut in print pieces from business cards to large outdoor displays. I’ve created photo-based pieces, graphics-based pieces, and more. I have solid experience with the Adobe Creative Suite and other similar programs and apps. Check out some samples here.

If it’s about video, I keep up with the latest trends and uses for both internal and external audiences and the ever-changing demands of social media. I have created long and short-form videos. Whether it’s all photos and footage, all text and graphics, or a combination of both, I can create the video you need to effectively share your message with your desired audiences. I’ve used several of the major editing platforms like Adobe Premiere Pro and I continue to use others to broaden my skills and knowledge. Not only will it look good, but it’s also going to sound good too.

Take a peek.

For more information or additional samples, please email me at: thejeffworks@gmail.com