Dart looked into the mirror.

The Dart that stared back at him seemed to already know what was coming, another deluge of self analysis.

It was practically a morning ritual by now. He didn’t even speak the parts out loud anymore, but mirror Dart knew the message well.

With the first swipe of his razor, Dart self confirmed that he had two primary skills. Yes, of course he could do a great many things at an average level, but the two things he did very well, the things that came most naturally to him – like muscle memory – were that he was a very good mimic of foreign accents, and he was an ass. At least that was the vibe he got from others around him.

These were not very marketable skills at all. Well, he hadn’t found a market for them yet. He thought there might be a chance to put the accent thing to work, maybe doing cartoon voices or something, but he never really looked into it. And the being an ass thing, well, he tried to change that…a lot.

He didn’t have a problem with how he was – at least not to the extent that everyone else did. Even when he tried really hard to change, when things happen to the point where a person drops to their base for survival purposes, the one that rears its ugly head in Dart’s world is apparently, Dart the ass.

As he finished shaving Dart pointed at himself with great resolve. Today will be a new day! Today I will make the change to be a better me!

Mirror Dart pointed back with same resolve, but with a hint of weakness in the stare he returned. Yup. See you tomorrow.

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