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  • New Post! New epidose of Cadenza is live!
    “The Words of Time”
    This week we feature a song of old the contemplates…the end.
    “The Voices That Are Gone” – Check it out. Play freely!
    Let’s explore, then like, subscribe, share, comment, ring the bell, do all the things and then grab a snack. You will have earned it.
    We could always use an extra subscriber!
  • You can now listen to Recovering Dreamoholic on Spotify!
    Add it to your playlist today!
  • I’m thrilled to share a collection of new demos of original music. Check out “Recovering Dreamoholic”. I had a great time creating these songs and I hope you find something interesting to enjoy!
  • Will things ever get better? Find out in the latest Something to Ponder
  • Learn more about my new YouTube Channels: Bucket Films and Jeff Meyers with new lyric videos of original songs.
  • Check out a slice of life On Any Given Day
  • Bon Mots and Sprinkles – Funny thoughts for strange and peculiar times. Check it!

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