Julius loved the laundromat. It was the optimum location for practicing his particular set of skills. Because everyone there, at least at this location, seemed slightly off center anyhow he wouldn’t appear out of place once he got busy.

Clairvoyance can be a gift or a curse for those who both recognize and accept their affliction. It’s all in what you do with it.

Julius found it particularly productive to ‘trance’ in front of one of the machines as the laundry spun and churned before him. The machine worked to free the dirt and the guilt of the days from the items which shared everything from the most inane to the most intimate moments of the owner’s daily lives.

The owners find a calm in the sense of cleansing away the residue of the days gone by.

If they only knew.

As the essence of those shadows are released, Julius was there to claim them. To read them. To embrace them. To categorize them and then determine who may need his particular brand of help.

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