Drawing a deep breath, he clicked the button. As the mic came to life, so did the essence of Davey Krane.

“Boom! It’s 7:38 on this fine Thursday morning. That was ‘Muster the Cluster’ from the Dreadnaught’s latest ‘Callus Fingers, Callous Hearts.’ Something groovin’ to get you movin’. You have a chance to score tickets to their upcoming August show at the Spectrum right around the 10 o’clock hour, so duct tape yourself to your radio to make sure you don’t miss it. We’ve got lots of great stuff coming up including a check in with Deke Spiederman who is chillin’ poolside with the ladies from Margarita Castle – your number one stop for the best margaritas in town – be sure to check their super special summertime favorite the ‘Margarita El Stupendo!’ guaranteed to knock…you…on…your…burro. Also, Clancy Jane will chime in with the weather, and Sticks will come in and say some stupid stuff for which we will belittle him and send him on his way. It’s the first day of summer folks and it’s gonna be scorcher, but you’re only to get one this year, so you better get out there and live it up! Call in sick or call in healthy or just go MIA. It doesn’t matter. If you think things are crazy at work – go out and do something sane! Give yourself a day to look back on when your old. Just be sure to take WSPZ with you for all the very best music in the northwestern region. Don’t believe me? Spin the dial. You’ll be back. And we’ll be back… right after this…”


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