Greener Grass

Ellis hated selling things door to door. Every time someone opened the door to him – if they opened the door at all – and if they were at all interested in what he had to offer, he got a glimpse inside of how they lived. Something invariably caught his eye which stirred the smoldering coals of envy in his gut like a kick that let him know these strangers had to be living better lives than his. To which he would punish himself for all his life choices between one house and the next.

Bernice closed the door after listening politely to the salesman’s pitch. She didn’t want what he was offering, she never did, but sometimes it was nice to see a different face. A sad respite from the grind of her existence. He had a nice smile and what seemed like a quick wit and a pleasant demeanor. As the door clicked, she turned back to the chaos that was her own existence and with a sigh, silently punished herself for all her life choices. A man like that would never understand her circumstance. His had to be a much better and far easier life for sure.

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