Thank You Note

On the outside of the card was a puppy sitting nose to nose with a kitten. On the inside it read:

Hey you, just a quick note to say thanks!

Thanks to the dedicated way you stick to your sense of correctness, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Thanks for the way you meddle. Thanks for always being there when the chips are down with a hearty, ‘I told you so.’ Thanks for never letting me forget any mistake I’ve made. Thanks for being oblivious to the obvious and blatant social cues others gently provide in order to help you correct your course. Thanks for knowing everything and sharing that knowledge with everyone…all the time. Thank you for the oh so many things you are…and aren’t, for whenever we’re together, and I don’t punch you in the face, it means I have found a deeper sense of understanding, forgiveness and fortitude within me that makes me a stronger person overall. Especially that time when I was carrying that 2 x 4.

So thank you.

Stay frosty.

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